Lindsey Graham and Immigration

I got an email from my senator, Lindsey Graham, this morning. He said:

I believe it is breathtaking – and possibly illegal – that President Obama would simply say ‘Stop Enforcing the Law.’ He’s going around Congress and the American people in avoiding the hard work of fixing a broken immigration system which is fractured along numerous fronts.

The real moving parts of immigration were left unaddressed. How do we effectively secure our border?  How do we create an employment verification system? How do we reform our visa system to get the workers we need into the high-tech and agricultural communities?  Instead of leading, President Obama chose politics.

Well Senator, you know damn well that no one is going to accomplish anything on immigration as long as the Republicans in Congress play the petulant child, plant their feet and shout “NO,” no matter what it is. Obama did (and 60% of Americans thought it was a good thing) what he could until Congress gets over its tantrum.

And while we’re on the subject of enforcing the law, how about the Senate obeying the Constitution and “advising and consenting” on judicial appointments? I think you folks should refund your salaries to the taxpayers, since you’re not doing your job. You do know that 77% of Americans disapprove of Congress?

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