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I’ve used Olive Tree Bible Software for a long time, longer than I can remember exactly. What I want to emphasize about this company is that they have been consistently there to meet my needs. Every time I come up with some new device, they support it, and all I have to do is to type in my ID and password, and all the purchased content is there.

It’s perhaps no surprise that there is a version for iOS (iPhone, iPad), and no surprise that there’s an Android version (Kindle Fire, Nexus…). But what surprised me was that there was a Windows RT version at the Microsoft store, and a free download installed this attractive app on my Microsoft Surface.

The software itself is pretty basic: you can go to a Bible verse conveniently and you can search for words across multiple Bible versions installed. You can view footnotes and change the font size. Copy and paste works consistent with Windows RT. The software comes with two Bible translations for free (ESV and KJV).

Sometimes I feel like I rent software, having to pay upgrade fees to keep things working, instead of owning something for my investment. Olive Tree Bible Software is free, and they provide excellent support and upgrades for free. You just pay for the extra Bibles, and the content works on any platform you want to see it on.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Its my favorite app on my surface RT :-). Thx to the app I read alot more in my favorite Bible! I hope they add some extra functionalities that are missing.

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