I love SkyDrive

Red heart There are various file sharing apps besides SkyDrive: there’s iCloud and DropBox too, but I’ve settled on SkyDrive because it integrates so nicely into the Windows file system, and the new Windows 8 tablet apps. It’s available for the iPhone and Android systems as well.

I’m going to have a meeting sometime in the next few days, and there are some papers I will need. Some are in an email attachment right now, some on my hard drive. I have a folder for the meeting on SkyDrive and I can integrate all the material I need for the meeting in that one convenient place and then have it when I need it, no matter what device I have with me at the minute.

I can put all those emergency credit card phone numbers in a file on the SkyDrive (encrypted by KeePass of course) and then if I am in some remote part of the world and my credit card is stolen, I can deal with it. I can keep copies of my Passport, my immunization card, my insurance cards and anything else I might just need someday somewhere.

The SkyDrive comes free with 7 GB of storage, but I’m not likely to use nearly that much.

This cloud stuff is really working for me.

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