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Fix for OneDrive Application Error Event ID 1000

This started happening sometime in the last week and a half. I couldn’t turn on the Windows 8.1 option to make all files available offline. There was this message: "you can’t turn on this setting while Onedrive is being set … Continue reading

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Safely extending Windows RT memory with a micro SD card

Note: This article applies to the Surface Pro 3. Tablet computers don’t come with the same kind of massive hard drives as desktop computers. My Surface RT only has 17 GB free. The obvious way to expand your memory is … Continue reading

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The NSA can read my hard drive

At least I think they can. Through information recently leaked, we learned that Microsoft has partnered with the NSA to make Hotmail, Outlook and SkyDrive content available to the NSA without warrants. The SkyDrive service when running on your local … Continue reading

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I love SkyDrive

There are various file sharing apps besides SkyDrive: there’s iCloud and DropBox too, but I’ve settled on SkyDrive because it integrates so nicely into the Windows file system, and the new Windows 8 tablet apps. It’s available for the iPhone … Continue reading

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