Fix for OneDrive Application Error Event ID 1000

This started happening sometime in the last week and a half. I couldn’t turn on the Windows 8.1 option to make all files available offline. There was this message: "you can’t turn on this setting while Onedrive is being set up." The Application Error was in the Event Log.

I had this both on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Uninstalling OneDrive and then reinstalling fixed the problem for Windows 7.

For Windows 8.1, I found a hint on a Microsoft forum to enter (in a Command Window):

SkyDrive.exe /reset

It runs a while and everything was fixed. Took two hours wading through junk to find the hint.

Otherwise, I still love OneDrive. It just keeps solving more and more problems.

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  1. Silicon says:

    THX!!! Reset command help for me. OneDrive is starting and synchronising.

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