WordPress 3.7 not automatically updating

So why is my WordPress 3.7 site not automatically updating to 3.7.1? I even went to sleep like they said, but this morning still no update.

Not to worry. They are rolling out the updates a little slowly to make sure everything is working. All should be done in a few hours.

Updates in general are applied at 7am/7pm your local time (as set in WordPress), so try going to sleep again and it should work.

More details from Dion Hulse, WordPress developer.


Some of my sites have updated, but most have not a day later.

Update 2:

I have hosting accounts at Lunarpages, FatCow.com and VPS.net. The VPS.net accounts never did update. WordPress folks say it’s the host’s problem and VPS.net says they can’t fix WordPress, so I’m stuck. There is a tool from WordPress that is supposed to verify that all the pieces necessary for automatic updates is working. It says they should update, but they don’t.

Update 3:

Finally with, WordPress 3.8.3, they all update automatically.

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