Patriotism is what you do, not what you share on Facebook

It’s memorial day, and a number of my friends have shared patriotic images on their timelines. With the exception of a few people that I have no clue about who they are, you are my friends and my family. I care about what you’re thinking, and if something stirs your heart, then I’d like to hear about it on Facebook.

There are other things on Facebook that are shared patriotic images to which the text “SHARE IF YOU LOVE AMERICA” is attached. I don’t react well to that. I will decide how I will show my love of America, thank you very much. I choose to express my patriotism most often through community service. For example, the South Carolina primary is being held in a few days, and I will spend 13 hours working at the polls and get less than the minimum wage. Working at the polls is me being patriotic. I give money to political candidates, I build houses for Habitat, I volunteer at the Special Olympics and the March of Dimes. I recite the Pledge of Allegiance at least twice a month. These are how I show my authentic patriotism, not doing something because someone on Facebook tells me I should.

One way that I express my patriotism on Facebook is to carefully check the information I share beforehand, and some of you have felt my criticism when you didn’t check yours. The country is at its best when the electorate is informed, and I have spent many hours over many years trying to get the best information to people. That’s how I show my love for America.


Less than hour after writing this article, one of my Facebook friends shared a post:


The original of that by one John Davis got 25,145 shares.

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