Don’t order online from Pizza Inn

I get email offers from Pizza Inn from time to time, and some of the coupons are pretty good. Today I clicked to order online and the order for two pizzas was $3 more than what it said on the coupon. I thought it was an online glitch and that the store would charge me the amount on the coupon.

Wrong. There is a hidden charge of $1.50 per item ordered that they tack onto the order. Nowhere do they disclose the charge that I can find, nor is it detailed when you print out order. All it says is that your $8.99 pizza costs $10.49. In fact, the Terms and Conditions explicitly says that there are no fees for ordering online

6. Fees Schedule

QuikOrder does not add any fees or costs to your order when you place an order or use this site.

I can’t blame this on the restaurant because the web site added the $1.50 fee—there was no discrepancy between the online price and what the restaurant charged.

To add insult to injury, when I got home, what I got wasn’t what I ordered (too spicy pepperoni instead of pineapple). I was too bothered by the overcharge at the store to check the order carefully.

I call it fraud.

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