Unboxing the ZHIWHIS ZWS-603

My pet peeve about “unboxing” videos is that invariably the item being unboxed was already unboxed before the video, and often not even in the box. This isn’t a video, but this series of photos is authentic, and taken as the radio was being unboxed.

The radio comes with:

  • ZWS-306 radio
  • Plush carry pouch
  • 14-page instruction sheet
  • Audio cable
  • USB cable
  • BL-5C rechargeable battery

The radio covers AM/FM and shortwave between 4.75 and 21.85 MHz.

My first reaction was that the radio was broken because every radio I’ve ever had with a digital display displays a clock after batteries are inserted, but not this one — it doesn’t have a clock. After I remembered that I just pressed the Power button. It didn’t come on. Rather than a separate lock button, this radio requires a long press to turn it on and off. Once I figured that out, the bright green display welcomed me (it actually says “welcome”).

This is my first radio with a menu interface. I was able to tune stations without consulting the instructions, but I will definitely need to read them to get much farther.

This is my first use of the WordPress gallery feature.

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