The “R” Word

Honolulu Advertiser columnist Jerry Burris wrote in an article entitled: “Obama’s American: Believe it”:

One conspiracy theorist is convinced Obama was born in his father’s homeland of Kenya (somehow mother and father slipped away from their studies in Hawai’i to get back to Africa in time for the birth of their son, then zipped back to the Islands and began building this false paper trail).

This would be laughable enough except for the fact that it shows there are still people out there who don’t believe Obama is “American” enough to be president. They’re willing to believe anything. After all, he has the “wrong” name, comes from the “wrong” place and is the “wrong” color. …

No one, including myself on this blog, is using the “R” word, “racism”. Sure there are white supremacists out there on web sites like and who make no apologies about their views on non-white people, but most of the objection to Obama is being made in with smears (like guilt by association) and quasi-legal arguments about eligibility.

The question, though, is would these canards get as much traction as they do if Barack Obama was white and had a European name? I think maybe Mr. Burris has a point.

A very pertinent article appears on that adds another group to the anti-Obama bandwagon, the conspiracy theorists. A number of the prominent supporters of Obama Citizenship Denial have a history of conspiracy theory beliefs.

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  1. Truth says:

    You ever heard the Rush song “FREEWILL” with the words ” If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice” ?

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