The National Wildlife Art Museum

imageSo why is this filed under “Electric vehicles”? Bear with me for a bit. The National Wildlife Art Museum is in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s a very interesting museum and if you’re in the area, I recommend you stop by.

My worst experience with “range anxiety” happened traveling across western Washington State and Idaho on the Nes Perce Trail. We were on the scenic route in an SUV and we kept going, and going, and there were no gas stations. The map showed one final small town called Leadore, Idaho, before a long stretch of “nothing.” No gas station in sight. Desperate, I pulled into the only public venue in town, a cafe, and asked “where do folks get gasoline around here.” She pointed across the street to an abandoned-looking building with a white plastic above-ground tank and a gas pump beside it. I couldn’t see any sign, but the pump took my credit card.


I tell that story of vast scenic emptiness and nearly running out of gas because that was what led me to think that I wouldn’t be visiting my brother-in-law in Swan Valley, Idaho, any time soon in my Tesla Model S 60.

To prove a point about the Tesla’s ability to search for points of interest, I asked my car to “navigate to the national wildlife art museum” and the car dutifully plotted a course, indicating the appropriate Supercharger stops needed. This is a “no problems” route in the Summer and only one rough spot in Winter that is solved with a destination charger. There’s a route to Swan Valley too, as shown in this plot by EV Trip Planner.



Time passes, and we replaced our Toyota Camry with a Tesla Model 3, a car with an EPA range of 315 miles. We made that trip to Swan Valley, Idaho, down to Denver and back. Piece of cake.

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