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HW4 (Tesla new self-driving hardware)

My new Model Y came with Hardware 4 (HW4), consisting of updated cameras and a new computer. Naturally I’m curious about what I got, and there is not a huge amount of information out there. Cameras The new camera suite … Continue reading

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An open letter to the New York Times about its coverage of Advanced Driver Assistance systems

I don’t know what the New York Times is trying to accomplish in its coverage on driver-assist systems, but informing the public is not it. “Driver-Assist Systems Linked to Hundreds of Crashes“ was your headline, carrying the context-free ambiguous term … Continue reading

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Tesla Firmware V11

Some people like Tesla’s latest revision to the user interface, and some don’t. I’m in the first group. How quickly they forget I’ve gone through every version of Tesla firmware since Version 7. Once you get used to one, the … Continue reading

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Tesla goodies

I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 in August of 2018. Most cars just get older with wear, but Teslas improve in some ways with age. It comes with over-the-air firmware updates. This post details some of the improvements … Continue reading

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