Microsoft Treasure Hunt – Chording

Microsoft Treasure Hunt Strategy Guide


Chording is a technique for exposing multiple cells with one operation.  The criterion for it to work is that the all the traps adjacent to a number have been exposed or flagged. In the example following there are two traps adjacent to the 2 near the center of the figure. Combining the left and right mouse buttons in a “dual click” on the 2 results in the game figure moving to that square and rapidly sweeping around to expose the other 2 unexposed squares. (Note: in Tablet Mode, tapping the number does the chord).


If the number of traps does not equal the number you click on, the game figure moves to the square, but nothing else happens. If you have a mistake in what is flagged, a trap may be triggered and you lose a life or maybe more! If many traps are identified, the chording can extend beyond the immediately adjacent squares. This can occur especially useful if you have just used a map. When you chord enough times (exposing 1000 squares), you will unlock the “King of chording” achievement in the game. The principle benefit of chording is the prevention of mistakes. Chording only happens when the the correct number of traps has been identified, preventing you from making that error and running into a trap by accident.

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