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McCain – Obama debate 1

I only got to listen to the last half of the debate (audio only) and I gave the edge to McCain. McCain rattled more XXXX-istans than Obama and I thought Obama was struggling to get his points across comprehensibly. I … Continue reading

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Exactly who is running for President?

Listening to the conversations you might think Obama is running against Sarah Palin, or running against George Bush. Who has more experience Obama or Palin? [what kind of a comparison is that?] Is this a sneaky Republican strategy to run … Continue reading

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Funny if it weren’t true – Advance Fee Fraud emails

Here are some of the advance fee fraud offers I’ve gotten recently in email. My name is Miss Awa. i am a young  girl seeking for your relationtionship… I know that this letter may be a very big surprise to … Continue reading

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Fox News for Stupid People

As a rule I don’t watch Fox News because every time I do, I get insulted. I get insulted because every time, they insult my intelligence by some sort of propaganda track to mislead me. Last night I was waiting … Continue reading

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Unconvinced by McCain

I watched the McCain RNC acceptance speech on YouTube. It was a masterful and moving speech. McCain has my vote for distinguished American of the year. It was a moving speech and it cast somewhat of a spell over me. … Continue reading

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McCain a Maverick?

They say McCain is a “maverick”. What is a maverick? One definition says: “someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action.” But it’s also An unbranded range animal. One who creates or uses unconventional and/or controversial ideas or practices. Do we … Continue reading

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Palin’s acceptance speech

I watched Palin’s speech on YouTube. Parallels to George Bush come to mind.  They both are from oil states with ties to the oil industry (both ideological and family). Their primary political experience comes from being state governors (Bush 4 … Continue reading

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