The new president

I was in a board meeting of a non-profit organization at noon today while the 4-year ritual of the change of administrations in the United States took place. But even if I had the opportunity, I would have not watched it.

I don’t think I am biased or being unfair when I say that almost every day for the past 6 months, Donald Trump did something shameful, whether telling a lie, demeaning someone, bullying, or making himself out to be better than he is. I abhor all those things in anyone’s character, and it’s distasteful to watch.

If I thought that President Trump going forward was going to communicate useful information when he speaks, then I might want to listen, but I have no confidence whatever in what he says because what he has said in the past was not true. Information cannot be communicated outside a relationship of trust.

I’ll follow the news and I’ll be politically active, but I see the next 2 years as a pretty dismal prospect. Perhaps with a new Congress in 2019 politics will get more interesting.

Update: It’s not going well. Now to supplement fake news, the Trump administration is issuing “alternative facts” about the obviously weak attendance at the Inauguration.

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7 Responses to The new president

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I posted a link to the story in comments at OCT.

    Ironically, WorldNetDaily says the Kenyan Birth Certificate is a fake, which it rather obviously is.

    For articles on the site dealing with this particular forgery, see

  2. Lee says:

    I went over to the Obama conspiracy blog today to see what the comments were on Malik Obama’s release of his brother’s “Kenyan Birth Certificate” … but alas … there was no longer. 🙁

  3. Kevin says:

    Trump was elected even though he had an extremely negative poll numbers. I believe his election was the result of wishful thinking on the part of significant numbers of his voters. They thought that once in office, Trump would become more moderate and be more presidential. Well, that hasn’t happened. The leopard has not changed his spots.

  4. Dave B. says:

    I have been trying to hold on to my most positive outlook on the new president– that no other president has ever had such potential for defying expectations. Any expectation I might have had in that regard has so far been defied.

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