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RDS / RBDS: FM on Display

The Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS), as it is called in the North America, or simply RDS in the rest of the world, is a protocol for embedding data in an FM/VHF broadcast. The data can include the station name, … Continue reading

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Qodosen SR-286 Tuning Tutorial

I’ve never seen a radio with more tuning modes than the Qodosen SR-286. I thought it might be worth the time to go through everything related to the topic in a tutorial. Broadly speaking there are 5 areas in tuning: … Continue reading

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Qodosen SR-286 Update

It’s been a few weeks now with the Qodosen SR-286 receiver. This is a status report. I have over 30 shortwave receivers, some pretty good ones. I find myself using the SR-286 almost all of the time. The only exceptions … Continue reading

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Qodosen SR-286: First Impressions

I’ve been waiting for 21 days for the radio to arrive and in that time I wrote a blog article in anticipation and studied the manual. Now that it’s here I want to share my first impressions. During the wait … Continue reading

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Incoming Radio! Qodosen SR-286

If all goes well, I’ll be receiving a Qodosen SR-286 (aka Xiaoqiang SR-286) radio mid-February from AliExpress. I learned about it from RadioJayAllen’s review and it pushed a few of my buttons. First off, the SR-286 is small: 128 x … Continue reading

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