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Tecsun PL-ease: Comparing the PL-330, PL-660, PL-880 and PL-990 Shortwave Radios

Here I compare 4 great Tecsun radios; Three are still in production, and the PL-660 can still be purchased new. PL-660 Introduction The PL-660 was introduced in 2010 and I’ve owned mine since December of 2011; it’s been a great … Continue reading

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I’ve owned a radio with SSB and CW reception at least since I was 17 years old back in 1967, starting with the Lafayette Radio Electronics KT-340 I built from a kit. I got into collecting shortwave radios a decade … Continue reading

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Receiving SSB on a radio without a BFO

Single sideband transmission is a way to transmit radio signals more efficiently. It’s used by amateur radio operators and commercial services. Most of the crop of moderately-priced shortwave receivers can’t receive SSB transmissions, making them sound like Donald Duck. More … Continue reading

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