Outlook not so good

I asked the Magic 8 Ball:

Will I have a merry Christmas?

and the Magic 8 Ball replied:

Outlook not so good.

so then I asked:

Are you sure?

and the Magic 8 Ball replied:

It is certain

so then I asked:

Is there any hope?

and the Magic 8 Ball replied:

Ask again later

so I waited 10 minutes and asked again
and the Magic 8 Ball replied:

Very doubtful

I need a fortune cookie!

Magic 8 Ball
PS. The next day I got my other Magic 8 Ball out and asked it: “Does that other 8 Ball know what it’s talking about?” I turned it over and nothing appeared. It had dried up.

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Just an old guy with opinions that I like to bounce off other people.
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2 Responses to Outlook not so good

  1. Kevin says:

    ROFL. I asked the Magic 8-ball your question, and it said “Signs point to YES”.

  2. eddie says:

    did you get the “scrooge” version 8 ball?

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