Poor Cousin Renthal

Dear Davidson ,

I am Barrister Ben Williams,a solicitor at law. I am the personal Attorney To (Eng Renthal Davidson ) a Citizen of AMERICA, On the 21st of April 1999, my client was involved in a car accident.Unfortunately he lost his life.

I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the money left behind by my client before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank where this huge deposit was lodged. The bank where the deceased had an account valued at about $10.3 million dollars Has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the account Confiscated within the next twenty official working days.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives, I now seek your consent to present you as the next of kin Of the deceased since you have the same last name so that we can Proceeds of this account valued at $10.3 million dollars can be paid to you,subsequently to be shared among us If you agree, we can discuss your percentage. I have all necessary Legal documents that can be used to back up any claim we may make. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us seeing this deal through.

I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement That will protect you from any breach of the law.

Awaiting your response.

Best regards,

Barrister Ben Williams.

Dear Williams,

I am most saddened to hear of the death of my dear cousin Renthal. I assure you that in life Renthal was a man of the highest moral fiber and ethical principles. He would never sanction any kind of false representation. Please honor his good name and let his estate be handled according to the laws your country and the regulations of your bank.

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